Inteli-Hybrid Generator

JCB Inteli-Hybrid Generator

Model: G90QSi

The JCB Inteli-Hybrid Delivers Significant Savings

The JCB Inteli-Hybrid Generator has the potential to deliver significant fuel savings, by enabling the engine to be switched off and batteries to supply power during periods of low load, eliminating generator light loading. This is will significantly save on the cost of fuel as well as the time and cost of refuelling.

In addition, while the generator is operating on battery power, potentially through the night time period, there will be no noise emissions, and no carbon making it an ideal solution for urban and city sites. By reducing engine running hours the customer can also extend the regular service period, cutting maintenance costs and achieving a longer product lifetime. The Inteli-Hybrid generator can be connected to renewables too, providing a very efficient power solution for off-grid scenarios.

How can you benefit from installing a JCB Inteli-Hybrid Generator?

  • During periods of light load, the generator will be switched off – significantly extending the generator lifetime
  • Switching the engine off means less fuel use and consequently delivers a significant cost saving
  • Reduced engine use, reduces maintenance time and costs
  • By introducing the batteries to power light loads and  the generator for peak loads – the solution becomes very efficient